5 facts you probably didn’t know about SWAROVSKI

Did you know

1. Swarovski Group owns a range of other businesses in different industry sectors including;

  • Swarovski Optik – producing precision optical instruments such as telescopes and binoculars.
  • Tyrolit – producer of grinding, sawing, drilling and dressing tools of machinery
  • Lola & Grace – High Street fashion jewellery
  • Swareflex – Produce and manufacture reflectors and road marking (AKA cats eyes of the roads)
  • Cadenzza – High Street fashion jewellery
  • Along with a few more…

2. In 2013 Swarovski Group employed over 50,000 people world wide

3. Since 2000 Swarovski established, Swarovski Waterschool to help educate children and communities about the economic, social and cultural issues that affect water use on a local and global scale. Providing clean drinking water and sanitations in schools and communities is its top priority.

213,000 students reach, 2000 schools reached, 8,700 teachers trained and over 565,000 community members involved

For more information click here

4. Swarovski is still a family run business after 120 years.

5. Swarovski can be seen everywhere including the big screen, especially at the Oscars. Over the past 8 years Swarovski have used over 675,300 crystals in the stage production and in addition over 1,000,000 crystals have be used on costume design.


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