Queeny gets blinged!

It’s official Her Majesty The Queen is now Britain’s longest reigning monarch, having surpassed her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria who reigned for, 23,226 days, 16 hours and approximately 30 minutes.

To celebrate Madame Tussauds have unveiled a stunning new dress for their fresh figure of the monarch; a replica of the gown worn by the Queen in 2012 for her official Diamond Jubliee photographs.

The Queen’s figure took four months to create at a cost of £150,000, where workers from Tussauds’ in-house team spent 150 hours sewing 53,000 Swarovski crystals on the intricate white and silver lace gown.

Queens Dress

As well as the new dress, visitors will also notice a blue Order of the Garter sash and star and on its head is a replica of the diamond George IV state Diadem.

The lifelike model is likely to prove the attraction’s biggest crowd-puller as visitors pile into London, as they pose for selfies; its popularity means staff are regularly working to keep it looking in the best condition.

“It’s all part of the celebrations marking Madame Tussauds’ relationships with Her Majesty the Queen as she becomes the longest-reigning monarch.”

“The Queen is the most modelled likeness at Madame Tussauds. It started when she was a little girl when she was modelled on a rocking horse.”


Images courtesy of: Press Association


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