Halo 5 Swarovski Crystal Helmet

The most iconic computer game of the year ‘Halo 5’ hit the shelves at the end of last month. However we’re not interested in that! What has caught our attention is an incredible creation from a die hard fan from Taiwan.

Hsu Chia-Hao along with Australian designer, Jenny Manik Mercian collaborated to create a one off Master Chief Helmet from the iconic computer game. Using over 25,000 Swarovski Crystals in variety of of Single Stone Settings and Fancy Stones and weighting a total of 5kg (11 pounds).

This amazing creation has found it’s way on to ebay, and the proceeding from the auction will go the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As we’re writing this there have been 121 bids bring the current bid to US $34,300.00. Available for shipment to all countries this would make the ultimate present for any Halo and Swarovski fan combo.

Halo 5 Helmet Ebay


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