Channel 4 -The World’s Most Expensive Christmas

Most Expensive Christmas Feature Image

Last night Channel 4 aired The World’s Most Expensive Christmas, giving us an insight into the super rich billionaire world at this special time of the year.

Just when you thought you had seen it all, last night showed us a property manager for a Middle Eastern client with a property in Covent Garden, London decorate the house with a eye watering budget of £250,000 and the client would only be in London for 36 hours. That’s £115 per minute!

Or what about the company produce a whopping £615,000 Christmas Tree topper made from Sterling Silver and adorned with a diamond worth over £200,000.

But more importantly two of our own clients made it in to the TV program.

Rebekah, Managing Director of House of Rokoko has been a client of our of a number of years and showed us her exclusive Swarovski Crystal gift wrapping. With luxury gift wrapping starting from £1000 last night we saw Rebekah working on a special gift box worth in excess of £25,000.

For more information please visit CLICK HERE

Michael from Bombki has also been a client of ours for over 5 years embellishing his handmade Christmas baubles with Swarovski Crystals. For the show Michael was contacted by Luiza Egorova, the owner of Gigi’s in London serving the world’s most expensive cocktail at £8,888 to create bespoke baubles complete with gold leaf for the restaurant Christmas Tree.

If you missed the program it will be available on  Channel 4’s Catch Up for the next week.


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