What are Hot Fix Crystals?

Hot Fix Technology is glue that is already applied to the back of the crystal and activated with a heat source such as an hot fix applicator, heat press or iron.

Hot Fix

Swarovski use this technology across a wide range of its products to allow you to be as creative as possible. At present it is currently available in the following categories;

The heat from the heat source melts the glue and begins to bond the crystal to the base material such as a fabric (e.g. t-shirt, jeans , curtains). Once the heat source is removed and cooling begins, the glue hardens and securely and permanently fixes the element in place. The temperature, application time and pressure can be varied according to the carrier material for example denim could have a high heat and low time where as silk or satin will need a lower temperature for a longer time.

There are however some limitations;

  • Hot Fix only works on porous materials such as most fabrics.
  • Heat will re-activities the glue – so don’t throw your crystals clothes in the tumble dryer.

The glue has been designed to be machine washable.

For more information about how to apply Hot Fix Crystals please visit our Hot Fix Application section our website.

To view our range of Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals



Hot Fix Applicators are also available – CLICK HERE


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