New Products from Spring Summer 2017 Innovations

Drum roll please!…. Here are the new innovations from Swarovski’s Spring Summer 2017 collection. Available now from Stephen Arnold Ltd.

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2034 Cat2034 Concise Flat Back

Reducing the height of the crystal means that it also reduces the weight of the crystals. This makes the Concise Flat Back the perfect embellishment for sports wear and dance wear. Available in Light Siam AB too!

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22052205 Flame Flat Back

This is flaming hot! Available in one of our favorite colours and suitably for this cut: Fireopal. Available in 3 sizes.

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2798 Cat2798 Contour Flat Back

Perfect for creating patterns and available in Hot Fix and no Hot Fix.

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2078H Cat2078H Framed Flat Back

Upgraded from the Ring Rose Flat Back using the new XIRIUS cut crystals they give the illusion of a Rivet. Available with a Silver, Gun Metal of Gold plating, with a Hotfix backing.

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4485 Cat4485 Twister Fancy Stone

The twister fancy stone creates the illustion of motion with it’s dynamic shape and streamlined facets. Available in 6mm, 10.5mm, and 17mm.

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55728 Cat728 Scarab Bead

Designed to match the colour Scarabeaus Green the new Scarab Bead is available in 12mm in 10 colours.

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5751 Cat5751 Panther Bead

Created in the same style as the popular Skull Bead the Panther Bead is available in 14mm and 19mm. Our favourite colour has to be Jet Hematite for that Black Panther look.

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6533 Cat

6533 Raindrop Pendant

Chose from either a Gold or Rhodium plated bail already attached to the crystal pendant. These pendant create brilliant necklaces with the easy addition of the chain.

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67511 Cat67511 Tiger Pave Pendant

Release the inner tiger in you! Using small Round Stones the tiger charm is available in 2 sizes and a choice of base colours and crystal colours.

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67523 Cat67523 Dragonfly Pave Pendant

The elegant dragonfly pave pendant is another easy solution to create a simple yet beautiful necklace. Available in a Rhodium or Gold casing an choice of colours.

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