Swarovski SS17 Inspiration – Classic – Air

With the rising sentiment of “tech ennui” (the feeling of exhaustion and annoyance toward technology due to the constant release of new products that take us further away from nature), we are growing increasingly weary of the ongoing incursion of new technology into our lives.

Classic Air

We are now taking a well-deserved break from the onslaught of technology and are beginning to focus on repairing our emotional and psychological well being.


Contemplation, mindfulness, balance, and self-reflection are taking center stage.
People are yearning for a simpler way of life to allow their psyche to heal from both the changes and chaos of the recent past.
“To allow creativity to occur in today’s busy society, an oasis of peace is needed.” (20/20 Consumer Vision, 2017)

Classic Air Ideas

We are reassessing what we really need and value in life, and are striving for a calmer and more substantial existence.


Classic Air Inspiration

Balance is becoming our new mantra, with a spotlight on well being in both the body and mind, reflected by the increasing popularity of meditation, yoga, and remote retreats.
Our quest for contemplation and mindfulness is reflected by the development of shapes, fabrics, and materials in an effort to liberate both our body and mind.
Our ultimate aim? Simply to stand still and breathe.


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