Swarovski SS17 Inspiraton – Romantic – Earth

Our near total immersion in technology has seen us become disconnected from our natural environment.

Earth 1

As virtual reality imposes itself on our daily lives, importance is increasingly being placed on the need for us to balance this with time spent in the natural world.
“A growing body of research indicates that being detached from nature can actually jeopardize our happiness, weaken our immune system, and undermine our creativity and ability to focus.” (20/20 Consumer Vision, 2017).
With health levels deteriorating and a rise in depression, in part brought about by our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, a new focus on the earth, and getting back to nature, has arisen.


Earth 2

Foraging and locally grown produce have become standard, and the trend for creating food from seasonally grown, all-natural ingredients is ever more popular.
A rise in holistic medicines and herbal remedies highlights our growing desire for natural alternatives to support our sense of well being.


Earth 3

Products and designs also convey our desire to reconnect with the earth through the use of natural materials, woven plant fibers, recycled fabrics, and crystals, offering tactile sensations.
Fashion is reworked and recycled to reference global ethnic accents, showing our appreciation for the nomadic peoples of the world, who have always understood that Mother Nature is our most important teacher.


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