Swarovski SS17 Inspiration – Progessive – Water

The most powerful of all life forces, water is a commodity that is fiercely fought over – without it we simply cease to exist.


Water 1

Indeed, wars over water rather than crude oil are tipped to dominate future crisis scenarios.
Increasingly aware of the scarcity of clean water, we are becoming more mindful of maintaining this precious resource and preserving the natural habitat in the realization that this is inherently vital to our continued well being.


Water 2

Wellness spas centered on water and hydrotherapy are on the rise, while aquariums and underwater hotels help to highlight the inherent beauty of the marine environment.
Paying homage to this rare and special resource, designers are also embracing water in all its forms.


Water 3

Designs echoing the brilliant hues of coral reefs draw our attention to the need to preserve these fragile marine environments, while modern, geometric, and still designs highlight a focus on the grandiose architecture of modern pools.
Whether we highlight its devastating power, celebrate its depth and stillness, or simply gaze at it in contemplative awe – water, with its symbolic sense of rebirth and renewal, is once again holding the design world in thrall.


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