Swarovski SS17 Innovations – Glamour – Fire

As a slow-burn reaction against the functional, yet nondescript norm-core trend, an “anti-austerity” sentiment has now risen to prominence.

Fire 1

Focusing on the fire within, our desire to highlight our individuality has reached boiling point and is spilling over into the design world.
Passion is re-ignited in the celebration of the female form – strength, desire, and flexibility are conveyed by a glamorous and fierce design ethic, while red-hot fashion highlights the new sensual, powerful female.


Fire 2
Our re-awakened appetite to “show-off” comes from an increasing anti-investment mindset, coupled with the rise of enhancement culture.
Constant social editing and our focus on our “optimized selves”, has ushered in the new “glamcore” trend, heralding the return of haute couture in a completely different guise.


Fire 3


“With this celebration of clothing comes the sudden understanding of the comeback of couture, the ultimate way to conceive a garment. The customization of creation will become an important part of the industry and will generate new ideas about textile and color choices, as well as fit and general appeal.” (Trend Union, SS17)
Hence, a new modern muse is created – strong, fierce, and determined – she offers no apologies for her glittering, radiant, show-stopping style.


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