Bespoke Swarovski Crystal Helmet

F1 Helmet

House of Hope was founded by designer and model, Hope Dworaczyk. Hope began creating her line of Head Jewellery after her husband insisted she no longer ski in fashionable hats and wear a protective helmet instead. Not finding anything to suit her style, Hope took matters into her own hands. She met with Swarovski, and began designing the ultimate collection of ski helmets for the fashion conscious and world’s elite.

The House of Hope team will embellish your existing racing helmet, for a grand display piece, or create an original crystal-embellished racing helmet design of your own.

Hope’s helmets are hand-embellished by her US House of Hope team, with only the finest Swarovski crystals. The top-secret Swarovski compound, and precision cut create the ultimate sparkle. Hope’s helmets are fully encrusted in crystals for an unparalleled, luxurious finish, which is absolutely stunning. There are over 60 Swarovski colours to choose from and each helmet is adorned with approximately 40,000 crystals!

For bespoke designs, you will have an initial art consultation with the House of Hope team to discuss artwork ideas, crystal colour and sizes. You will be able to approve the final design of your helmet and artwork, and receive a video of the final product for inspection prior to shipping. The process – from design brief, to shipment will usually take around 3 weeks.

House of Hope – CLICK HERE


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