How many Flat Backs do I need?

This is one question we’re always asked. So to help you estimate just how many crystals you’ll need to cover an area we’ve decided to give you a brief guide and calculation.

When applying crystals to a surface there are two methods;

Squared – Here the stones are applied side by side and creative a small gap.

Squared Pattern

Honeycombed – The crystals are applied in an offset manner eliminating the gap.

Honeycomb Pattern

In order to work out how many crystals you’ll need first you’ll need to know the surface area of the object. This is done with a few calculations, so get your calculator ready.

First we need to know the approximate surface area of the flat back crystals.

Stone Sizes 1

Stone Sizes 2

The Calculation

A flat surface such as an A4 sheet of paper requires measurement of the longest and shortest side.

Length – 296mm

Width – 210mm

Length x Width = Surface Area²

296mm x 210mm = 62,160mm²

Now, we know just how many millimeters² there are on a sheet of A4 paper we can divide 62,160mm² by the surface area of a single stone.

For example;

A4 Paper Surface Area / SS16 Surface Area = Number of crystals required for squared pattern.

62,160mm² / 15.21mm² = 4,086.78

This calculation shows you would need approximately 4,086 SS16 crystals to cover an A4 sheet of paper in a squared pattern. Should you wish to use the honeycomb pattern you will need approximately 5 to 10% more crystals.

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