Dance Sport & Irish Dance Crystal Inspiration

We’ve put together some great inspiration for dance costume designers using Swarovski Crystals.

We recommend using an array of Flat Back Hot Fix Crystals and Flat Back No Hot Fix Crystals to provide a base to your designs and then layer the larger sizes of crystals using Sew On Stones to provide more depth and sparkle to your designs.

The most popular Swarovski Crystal colours used in dance costumes are AB finished. What is AB I hear you cry… well, AB stands for Aurore Boreale which is the real name of the Northern Lights. Swarovski uses this name for the effect AB as it gives a multi coloured finish to a crystal ultimately making it sparkle even more of the dance floor.

The most popular AB colours are;

Crystal AB, Aquamarine AB, Jonquil AB, Light Rose AB, Light Siam AB, Peridot AB, Rose AB, Sapphire AB, Topaz AB

Swarovski AB Colours


If you need any more inspiration for your dance sport costume check out this wonderfully sparkling designs.

To buy Swarovski Crystals at great wholesale prices for your dance sport costume/dress give us a call today on +44 (0) 208 444 8282 or visit


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