How to ensure you’re buying genuine Swarovski Crystals

Every week we’re approached by new customers who think they’ve purchase genuine Swarovski Crystals from another source, only to find out they are fake! So we thought we’d write up a few tips and tricks to ensure you only receive genuine Swarovski Crystals.

Crystals from Swarovski

If it’s too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true. Swarovski Crystals is a premium brand and as such charge premium prices, therefore if you see some crystals marked as Swarovski and are substantially cheaper then other vendors you need to question why. More often then not these insanely low prices are found on re-seller websites such as Ebay or Amazon. Luckily Ebay and Amazon have strict rules regarding counterfeit products and once notified are removed immediately however their web-stores are vast places and it may take weeks, months or years before they are found and notified to the right people for removal.

So how do I avoid the disappointment of receiving counterfeit goods?

  1. First and foremost buy your Swarovski Crystals from a reputable source.
  2. Check with Swarovski. Call Swarovski and find out who your local dealer or distributor is.
  3. Ask to see a certificate.
  4. Confirm the certificate number with Swarovski
  5. All wholesale packs are sealed with a tamper proof seal at Swarovski’s factory in Austria. If this has been tampered with question the seller.


If you’re not buying wholesale packs and are buying retail packs or samples you will need to look a littler harder to establish the authenticity of the crystals themselves. Here’s what to look for;

  • Imperfections. The crystals contain bubbles, deformed or mis-shaped. Swarovski have a great quality control and very very very rarely does an item manage to skip through all the checks. If this does happen contact your the place you bought them from immediately and just to be safe contact Swarovski.
  • The wrong size. If you’ve ordered some 4mm beads they should all be 4mm beads, not a variation of the size.
  • The holes. For Beads and Sew On Stones and other items containing a hole. These item should be uniformed. Check the hole is not off center or irregular.
  • Facets. Due to the high level of investment Swarovski have dedicated in developing their products they have been able to produce their crystals with incredible precision and as such the facets of stones should accurately match.


Something to consider. If you are buying Swarovski Crystals to embellish or make something to sell it is even more important to ensure your crystals are genuine.

Stephen Arnold Ltd holds the highest status with Swarovski Crystal as the Official Distribution Partner. In essence we work as an extension to Swarovski’s team in the UK and Ireland supplying customers the full range of Swarovski Crystals.

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