Swarovski sparkles at the 2016 Oscars

200,000 crystals on stage!

Swarovski at the Oscars 2016.jpg

Swarovski was once again on the world’s most revered stage, the Oscars®. Tony Award®-winning production designer, Derek McLane, collaborated with Swarovski to create show stopping crystal pieces for the stage at the Dolby Theatre. Over 1,600 man hours were spent creating this year’s crystal stage décor with over 200,000 crystals and 35 design elements, including a massive crystal focal piece weighing more than 20,000 pounds and a crystal centerpiece weighing more than 7,700lbs.

Since 2007, more than 880,000 Swarovski crystals have been used on the Oscars set design by five production designers and more than one million crystals have been incorporated into the costume design…proving that the shining stars of the Oscars aren’t just the actors and actresses who grace the stage.

Check out the incredible ‘Behind the Curtain’ film of the making of the 2016 Oscars stage with Derek McLane for Swarovski.

To see more CLICK HERE


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