Easter Inspiration Designs

Easter is just around the corner and if you’re looking for a last minute creation we’ve picked a couple of designs to help you out from Swarovski.

Easter Bunny Ring

Ring Easter Bunny

STEP 1: Use a piece of Dacron to form a ball like structure as shown in the illustrations.

STEP 2: Cut 1 m of 0.15 mm nylon thread and sew the ball together.

STEP 3: Follow the symbols in the legend of the instructions for different stitches and crochet. Make a slip knot and place it on the crochet hook. Place yarn over hook and slide through the loop on the hook. Repeat the step until you have a total of four stitches. Stitch into first chain and place yarn over hook. Slide through to get a ring.

For full instructions click here


Bracelet Spring Meadow


Bracelet Spring Meadow

Awaken from winter’s slumber to spring’s fresh bounty, reflected in a bracelet that breathes new beginnings. Daintily crafted crystal shades of emerald, fern, and chartreuse with flashes of coral, cherry, and crimson, are set off with delicate Easter eggs of tactile smoothness.

For full instructions click here






Sparkling Easter Basket

Sparkling Easter Basket

STEP 1: Cut 35 x 35 cm of chicken wire.

STEP 2: Mould the wire over a 17 cm diameter bowl to form the shape of a basket.

STEP 3: Fold the ends of the wire over the bowl as shown by the arrows in the illustration. Cut the wire that is in the inner part of the bowl to a length of 2 cm all around as shown.

STEP 4: Remove the bowl and bend the ends of the wire using flat nose pliers.

For Steps 5 to 11 and patterns, please download the PDF instruction.





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