HP Spectre Laptop gets VIP treatment

Dutch-born, London-based designer Tord Boontje created the HP Spectre by Tord Boontjethat exhibits delicate, intricate and dreamlike patterns across the laptop. The ornate graphic pattern integrates cherry blossoms, graceful florals, a peacock and an exquisite butterfly. The 18K gold plated accents provide rich contrast with the patterns that gently intertwine with embedded Swarovski Crystals set in a floral pattern against a deep Midnight Blue.

HP Laptop Swarovski Crystals

Unveiled at the  New York Times International Luxury Conference computer maker HP plans to auction the limited edition laptops at the Cannes Film Festival with the proceed going to the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

“We have brought in the designers to create an extraordinary experience on our thinnest laptop ever, reinventing how luxury design and powerful laptop technology can come together to create spectacular works of art,” said Stacy Wolff, vice president, design, personal systems, HP Inc. “We are showcasing the possibilities of marrying technology with glitz and glamour, allowing the PC to become an expression of style.”


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For more information click here

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