Introducing STELLUX™ Austrian Crystal

Newly added to the Stephen Arnold Ltd website is a new brand of crystals. STELLUX™ Austrian Crystal offer quality crystals Flat Backs and Sew On Stones at affordable prices, yet not comprising on the sparkle.

Stellux Logo

Created in the home of cut crystal, Austria, this new brand is set to take the UK by storm. Offering a patient protect cut thus increasing the sparkle factor at an amazingly low price. Whatever your perspective, you’ll see the difference.

Why not see for yourself. We’ve hand picked a small selection of samples of you to try.

Flat Back Sample Pack – CLICK HERE

Stellux Flat Backs Samples

Sew on Stone Sample Pack –  CLICK HERE

Sew on Stones Sample Pack


Stellux’s advanced foiling shields it from damage during processing – including harsh techniques such as soldering and electroplating. Further, it prevents contact with saltwater, chloride, and common chemicals such as those in cosmetics products from causing corrosion.

That makes Stellux™ one of the longest-lasting, most durable crystals in its category.


Stellux™ comes in a huge variety of sizes and effects so that you can always find the right crystal for your needs.


Stellux’s method of manufacture extends its lifespan and enhances its brilliance. Even the naked eye can see the Stellux™ difference: absolute precision, a distinctive cut, and striking consistency of color and size from the smallest to the largest crystal.


Whilst Stellux™ may not be able to compete with the likes of Swarovski brillance (sparkle) or the number of available styles, it certainly becomes a match for people using Preciosa. Some may even say better…

For more information about Stellux Austrian Crystals visit the Stephen Arnold Ltd website.


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