Party Spirit – Swarovski AW 2017/18 Innovations

As we enter a time of monumental shifts in how consumers define themselves, a younger, more irreverent attitude is being incorporated within modern, edgy glamour directions.

Party S 8

Taking life to the extreme and living on the edge is emulated and encompassed in rebellious design elements, offering an attitude of extreme nonchalance.

With the rise of festival fashion and a focus on music events influencing a new generation, designers pay homage to the stand-out style and stage presence of music legends from the past.

Embodying the heart and soul of rock’n’roll, beauty, energy, and animal magnetism are all conveyed in one profile.

The one overriding and interconnecting detail… an extreme focus on the continued rise of gender neutrality.

Party S

“The new style forgets about ‘gender’ or ‘roles’, to speak only of ‘beauty’. Stereotypes are dead. Never before has the complexity and fluidity of gender been so recognized and represented in mainstream culture.” (Promostyl, Jewelry study 2017 and beyond)

Leather, chains, beads, and crystals combine to influence gender-fluid designs and constructions where nothing is out of bounds.

With fashion having a maximalist moment, the new glamour direction sees an antiestablishment, almost anti-fashion direction at the core of this free-spirited style movement.

Party S 7

Whether it is ghetto glam, 70s sparkle, or 80s funk – eras, decades, and styles converge as fashion opts out of sticking to one idea for its latest style statements.

In this theme, creating and owning your sense of identity – whoever you want to be – is key.

Understatement is not an option.


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