Soul Food – Swarovski AW 2017/18 Innovations

This theme hinges on the importance of back stories, the emotional interaction that has become a deciding factor for consumers on a global scale, and the importance of regeneration and reuse.

Soul Food

A new breed of well-informed consumers, particularly  the all-important millennials, wants to know not only where products are coming from, but that the product itself will make  a positive difference.

Today design must do good, not just be good, and  a no-waste ethos pervades the direction.

“A desire for less clutter and a clearer conscience forges  a new appreciation of details, materials, craftsmanship, and provenance. Consumers are willing to spend more on  less, but expect a longer, more meaningful connection with their purchases in return.” (WGSN, Big Ideas AW 2017/18).

Soul Food 2

The new catch-cry for design is “home-spun and humble,”  with pieces borrowing colours and details from a range of historical influences and morphing them for the modern mindset.

Designs have a pure and humble feel, with the stripped-back necessity of Scandinavian design infiltrating all segments  to highlight the beauty of clean lines.

This new focus on pared-back design sees less become  even less, but mean even more.

Form follows function as we pay homage to the worker,  the labourer, and the farmer, taking direct inspiration from the essential and honest elements of life on the land.

Emulating and incorporating their dress into our daily  wardrobes – aprons and hard-wearing boots will become  de rigueur – we salute and show solidarity to  these unsung heroes.


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