Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2017/18

This seasons Swarovski innovations continues from last seasons inspiration of Air, Earth, Water and Fire. We’re proud to bring you “The Nature of Us” – focusing on the influence of sustainability and ethical behaviours on the crucial identity-defining  activities of eating, working, travelling.

SW AW 2017 Pic

Check out each blog post for inspiration for the new innovations.

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Ascribing further importance to this topic, Swarovski is proud to partner for these  two seasons with celebrated filmmaker and environmentalist Céline Cousteau,  who is known for her dedication to protecting the world’s oceans and who has recently become a spokesperson for indigenous tribes in the Amazon guarding an as yet  untamed ecosystem. As expressed in the CLEAR compliance program and  through Advanced Crystal, sustainability has always been a core concern of the company; the Swarovski Waterschool program bears testimony to this engagement as it  aims to raise awareness of responsible water usage.

Celine Cousteau – Tribute to Tribe

Celine Cousteau Tribute

It is a story of some of the last guardians of an untamed ecosystem; a balance between man, flora, and fauna. In a world in which biodiversity is increasingly scarce and living in a modern society means being dominated by technology, Céline Cousteau and her Designer Edition remind us what it means to be human – to belong to the “human tribe.”

Her designs are inspired by tribal patterns either painted or tattooed on bare skin. They are symbolic of a pristine coexistence with nature and as such are part of a long tradition in which it has always been natural for man to decorate himself, be it for reasons of aesthetics, status, or celebration.

Wearing jewellery is a desire which is imminent to the human being – as given as any other instinct. Céline Cousteau observed this during her studies in the Brazilian rainforest and decided to make it the central theme of her second Designer Edition for Swarovski.

Paradoxically, it was Swarovski’s advanced technology and expertise that allowed Céline Cousteau to realize her design ideas. “When I work with Swarovski, I have the feeling that I am working with people who understand my ideas – who deliver the message,” she says. “When you work with crystal, you can literally see your concepts come to light.”
Tribute to Tribe Jewellery Collection, designed by Céline Cousteau.

So without further a-do, the new innovations are now available on our website www.stephenarnold.co.uk. Just click here to view the full range. But in the in meantime check out the gorgeous news colours – Crystal Rainbow Dark and Crystal Shiny Lacquer Effects.


The new new products include;

Don’t to check out all the new products on our website – www.stephenarnold.co.uk




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