Travel Age – Swarovski AW 2017/18 Innovations

In testament to the continued and staggering rise of “selfie” culture, the romantic direction focuses on extreme individualization.

Travel Life 4

The surge in imaginative and personality defining styling is conveyed through our fashion choices in a distinct cultural mash-up.

A new, anything-goes attitude gives rise to an adoration of all things unique and unabashedly unconventional.

The symbolic need to understand and appreciate different cultures arises from our increasing unrest with the current global political situation.

Travel Life 5

No limits, no rules, and no regrets are conveyed in a cultural cross-over of design directions.

Steering away from the strong 70s boho ethos of past summer seasons, the look mixes strength and attitude and crosses both eras and borders.

More is more in this theme, with prints, colours, textures, layers, crystals, and volume all worn  at once.

Travel LIfe 3

Wildly fun and highly individual, this eccentric style statement creates a bold new femininity.

Making a distinct effort to celebrate diversity, designers create a subversive statement of the need to understand and engage with different cultures.

Travel Life

At its very core is a subliminal form of acceptance, as fashion challenges us to put away the fear and discriminations of our past and embrace a multicultural future.


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