Work Life – Swarovski AW 2017/18 Innovations

A new mindset is being generated as we become more concerned about the rise of robotics in the work sphere and the potential impact of this on our jobs.

Work Life

It is predicted that robots and humans will work more closely in the future for mutual support and that an influx of technology will lead to the development that “humans and machines are gradually converging, as we seek to join the dots between our digital and physical identities – our brains and bodies, our hardware and software.” (WGSN, FW 2017/18.)

With technology continuing its relentless onslaught, designers are embracing these elements and humanizing them in a bid to eradicate fear.

Work Life 5

“Artificial intelligence tries to disguise technology by portraying it as human. In fact, humanism is the very thing technology wants to emulate, as it pursues its goal to be closer, more familiar, and beneficial to mankind.” (PANTONE View, FW 2017/18 Colour Planner)

As much as technology will become embedded within our clothes and daily working lives, it will also become part of our bodies in styles that oscillate between cyborg-inspired materials and skin- and body-like details.

Work Life 6

Digital initiatives with a conscious focus on personalization arise to satiate consumers’ increasing expectation for individualized engagement as well as a more personable, humanized outlook.

The emergence of the pastel palette is design’s direct response to the need to humanize and feminize the robotic design element, with shapes, figures, and kitsch details also employed to evoke people’s childhoods and create a form of emotional attachment.

Work Life 8

Sliced, slashed, and engineered, the  theme forecasts a new professional  mindset, dedicated to a new breed of human-tech work concepts and the notion that fun and play are central to our  working lives.

Within this brave new world, technology comes closer to our bodies, losing its  hard-edged character in favour of a softer and more human-like emotive approach.

The future of the robo-morph has arrived.



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