Funtasia – Swarovski Innovations FW 2018

At a time when gloomy days are upon us, we can seek inspiration from fun and bold colours. We can create stunning designs using brand new innovative items. We can add even more edgy dimensions to our brilliant nail art. Welcome to one of the new innovations from Swarovski…      Untitled

We are excited to announce this new collection of stunning products. They may seem out of the ordinary and a bit eccentric but they are sure to become the integral part of your stunning designs.

As it is Halloween season why not create stunning unique masks using the fantastic innovative Eye Fancy Stone?

Picture4              Picture3                 Picture2

You can create seriously eye-catching (!) pieces using these brilliant stones.



The imaging of Funtasia emanates a very Andy Warhol-esque feeling. Current trends are bringing old styles back into our lives.  Denim is one material that is proving to be an integral part of this 80’s and 90’s resurgence. High waisted trousers, dungarees and denim jackets are proving popular. The latter is being customised in many wonderful ways. Boohoo, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren have created some stunning embroidered pieces so why not try designing one yourself the way you would like it to be.



Why not use ready made patches (these are available in most online clothing retailers) and embellish them with your own crystal elements to make your personality sparkle through?

The possibilities are endless. With hundreds of jackets and jeans and thousands of crystals for you to choose from, no two creations will be the same.


What do you think the next massive “on trend” accessory will be?

This collection is sure to inspire many designers across the globe into creating something fun, unique and exciting. With the bold designs of the stones and the creativity of people everywhere, we are excited to see what you all come up with.

Trendflag Funtasia


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