Elegantia – Swarovski Innovations FW 2018

Many people say that the early half of the 20th century saw the most elegant fashion pieces arrive on the scene. With the 1930’s being the showcase of short hairstyles and gorgeous gowns we are now seeing the revival of these trends. Old turns to new with the innovation from Swarovski…  elegantia header

We are very happy to announce this new collection of gorgeous crystals from Swarovski. With beautiful colours that can be used on many types of clothing you can add a stunning classic twist to your garment.


Adding modern elements to an old art is something that is proving to be popular across industries. From remaking classic films to bringing back the styles of the past century it is something that is taking the world by storm.





The Pre-1950’s era boasted sophistication at its absolute finest.





The new range boasts new stones of various colours from the beautiful Emerald through to the new shimmer colours in the Swarovski range. These are sure to add a new dimension to your sparkle


Why not show us what you have created using the new products from Swarovski? 



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