Urbania – Swarovski Innovations FW 2018

Difficult times have come and gone throughout history but now with a rapidly growing population and an ever changing society more problems are arising. It is how we deal with them and who we become that really shapes our future. Whether you are a following an edgy trend or you are a totally streetwise individual, I am sure you can relate to the new innovation from Swarovski…


City life has its ups but it certainly has its downs. The dangers of living in certain cities have increased in recent times. Gang culture isn’t a new concept as it has been around for centuries but there are certainly new aspects that make it a much scarier topic.




A dagger inspired finish to some of the new stones represent the danger of the new-age urban culture.

Stand out even more among the crowd.

The edgy shapes can be added to your individual style to increase its unique look.



Recycling is a fairly new phenomenon. More and more people are finding ways to use old materials to give them a new lease of life. Creating clothing using these materials is a cheap thing to do but it is great for the environment. Why not add some pizzazz to your recycled outfit by adding a new pendant?







Go ahead and make a statement with your outfits. Add a new dimension to it that makes you stand out from the crowd. The new collection from Swarovski is sure to do just that.



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