Wanderlust – Swarovski Innovations SS 2019


wander header


In recent times technology has taken over the world. You do not see the people that matter as often as you should do. Maybe it is time to take a step away from the media and enjoy the world we live in. With many countries out there with so many wonders to discover and adventures to be had why not take the time now and go and see somewhere new? Culture, Freedom, Adventure and Leisure, we introduce to you the new innovations from Swarovski… Wanderlust.


Each country has its own way of life, its own architecture and its own sense of art and fashion. Swarovski have introduced a number of new innovative colours and shapes to make something totally unique.

                   culture 2culture 3culture 4



Travelling gives you a sense of freedom. You can go where you want to go, you can do what you want to do so why not wear what you want? Add a personal touch to make something truly yours and maybe go a bit crazy.

freedom 2

freedom 3










From travelling in the outback to going on a safari you would only need a minimal number of items with you. Wearing little amounts of clothing requires some pizzazz. Neutral designs and colour schemes are what is required.

                     adventure 2     adventure 4    adventure 5



There is the saying “being a lady of leisure” but it does not have to belong to the elite. You can exhume true elegance by adding some sparkly elements to your outfit. Solid edges with sophisticated colours combine to create stunning pieces.

               leisure 2       leisure 3


The Time for Wanderlust is Now.



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