Adventure – Swarovski Innovations SS 19 Wanderlust


From childhood age the mind has the desire to explore and wonder about the world around you. This does not mean that adventuring should be forgotten as time goes on. Why not embrace that you are living in a world that is full of beautiful things. Nature is all around us and Swarovski has created a collection that blends perfectly with it no matter where you are.

hat  boots





Strong fabrics and materials is of utmost importance when adventuring across the globe. The desire is for something that will protect against the elements yet still be fashionable and elegant. Swarovski showcases this combination using their new innovations.

adventure 6

A simple outfit is embellished with various shapes of Swarovski crystals to demonstrate the creativity that can be achieved using the innovations.

trend 3

Click on the links below to find out more about each of the items and how to get hold of them to begin expressing your creativity.

  1. 6430 Classic Cut Pendant
  2. 5950 Fine Rocks Tube with ending
  3. 3252 Majestic Blue Sew-on Stone, 4470 Majestic Blue Fancy Stone, 4120 Majestic Blue Fancy Stone, 6228 Majestic Blue Pendant, 5000 Majestic Blue Round Bead
  4. 5060 Hexagon Spike Bead, 5061 Square Spike Bead, 5062 Round Spike Bead
  5. 2200 Navette Flat Back, 2400 Square Flat Back, 2711 Triangle Flat Back
  6. 2772 Trapeze Flat Back
  7. 3252 Emerald Cut Sew-on Stone
  8. 73000 in Jet Nut

Swarovski Adventure Trend Flag

trend 3 +.png

adventure 7


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