Culture – Swarovski Innovations SS 19 Wanderlust


Culture is something that should always be explored. When you travel to different places you notice the sounds, scenery and sights especially the colours. With artistic influences the new Swarovski collection brings vibrant colours yet simple shapes, this enables great versatility.

culture 5.png

A stunning design using some of the new brilliant crystal innovations created by Swarovski. A mixture of pearls, flat backs and fancy stones come together to create a beautiful piece.

culture 7culture 2culture 3                                      Culture 8culture 4

These beautiful shapes and colours can enable you to develop an endless number of combinations to create a truly unique and personalised piece.

culture 6

Click on the links below to find out more about each of the items and how to get hold of them to begin expressing your creativity.

  1. 86301 Half Hole Pavé Ball
  2. 5060 Hexagon Spike Bead, 5061 Square Spike Bead
  3. 3252 Emerald Cut Sew-on Stone
  4. 1088 Crystal Buttercup Flat Back
  5. 4470 Crystal Lilac Fancy Stone
  6. 2771 Kite Flat Back, 2772 Trapeze Flat Back, 2773 Diamond Shape Flat Back
  7. 4320 Majestic Blue Fancy Stone, 4120 Majestic Blue Fancy Stone, 5000 Majestic Blue Round Bead, 5601 Majestic Blue Cube Bead
  8. 5950 Fine Rocks Tube with Ending, 5951 Fine Rocks Tube without Ending
  9. 4322 Teardrop Fancy Stone

Swarovski Culture Trend Flag

trend 1

trend 1+



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