Freedom – Swarovski Innovations SS 19 Wanderlust


It is what most people desire to have. Freedom to achieve anything and the freedom to say or wear whatever you feel. It is time that dreams were followed rather than just imagined. It is a current trend that people are trying to be as unique as possible. Some are daring and some are stunning. Swarovski manage to combine both and make products that really stand out from the crowd.

freedom 4

Customisation is the number one way of creating something that is truly yours. Slogans are a way to achieve this and Swarovski promote the importance that Freedom has in their new trend.

freedom 5

Using the new innovations Swarovski demonstrate how simple outfits can be enhanced to look effortlessly stylish.

freedom 6Click on the links below to find out more about each of the items and how to get hold of them to begin expressing your creativity.

  1. 5950 Fine Rocks Tube with Ending
  2. 86301 Half Hole Pavé Ball
  3. 86301 Half Hole Pave Ball Majestic Blue, 4320 Majestic Blue Fancy Stone, 4470 Majestic Blue Fancy Stone, 3252 Majestic Blue Sew-on Stone
  4. 4470 Crystal Lime Fancy Stone, 1088 Crystal Lime Round Stone
  5. 4470 Crystal Lilac Fancy Stone, 1088 Crystal Lilac Round Stone
  6. 4470 Crystal Buttercup Fancy Stone, 1088 Crystal Buttercup Flat Back

Swarovski Freedom Trend Flag

freedom trend

freedom items



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