Leisure – Swarovski Innovations SS 19 Wanderlust


Leisure time is a luxury that most people do not have a lot of and elegance exhumes when a simple outfit is combined with some sparkly additions. Enjoy the time you do have by embracing creativity and personalisation that can be achieved through the stunning and sophisticated collection from Swarovski.

leisure 4

Stunning jewellery and a fully embellished piece combine to create a truly exquisite look that is difficult to ignore.

leisure 5

Gorgeous earrings created using the Swarovski innovations become the centrepiece of an otherwise simple outfit.

leisure 7

The contrasting shapes, sizes and colours create sophisticated designs that truly demonstrate the endless possibilities.

leisure 6

Click on the links below to find out more about each of the items and how to get hold of them to begin expressing your creativity.

  1. Crystal Iridescent Dove Grey Pearl
  2. 3252 Emerald Cut Sew-on Stone
  3. 5950 Fine Rocks Tube with ending
  4. 4322 Teardrop Fancy Stone
  5. 6430 Classic Cut Pendant
  6. 4120 Majestic Blue, 4320 Majestic Blue 
  7. 2771 Kite Flat Back, 2772 Trapeze Flat Back, 2773 Diamond Shape Flat Back
  8. 86301 Half Hole Pave Ball
  9. 1088 Crystal Lilac Flat Back

Swarovski Leisure Trend Flag

trend 4

trend 1+


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