New Growing Crystals Pendants – Swarovski Innovations FW2018

The latest Designer Edition Crystals, which were envisioned by couturier Iris van Herpen, feature up to 500 hand-embedded cones to maximize light refraction. The first, entitled “Growing Crystals Rectangle”, resembles the cross section of a druse crystal in both brilliance and complexity. Like a living crystal becoming the structure seems to grow inward to fill the cavity and the pendant’s core. Van Herpen’s second compelling design, “Growing Crystal Rhombus Pendant”, recalls the naturally occurring fractured surfaces of crystal geometry.

In each instance, Van Herpen highlighted the metamorphosis of crystalline geography under the influence of time: “For beauty yet becoming.”

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New Shimmer Effect – Swarovski Innovations FW 2018

Shimmer is elegance and vibrancy to the max! Inspired by Swarovski’s famous Aurora Borealis collection, the crystal’s special light-refracting properties cast multiple shades of a single colour for eye catching combinations that truly dazzle.

New Colour – Scarlet – Swarovski Innovations FW 2018

Swarovski presents Scarlet, its latest red-letter colour choice for truly stylish occasions. Now available throughout the product range and in myriad size and shape options for enhanced design possibilities, this is opulence embodied. Best of all, this elegant shade is environmentally responsible, containing no cadmium. (<40 ppm).


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Crystal Lacquer Colours – New Effect

The new Crystal Lacquer colours resonate perfectly with the current consumer mood, where sophisticated shine meets refined sparkle. Highlighting a strong new direction for crystals, the three perfectly on-trend hues – Ivory Cream, Dark Red and Dark Grey – convey a sense of timeless authenticity in a subtle, reduced colour palette that speaks of heritage and authenticity. The three classic gem colours – Royal Red, Royal Blue and Royal Green – create a allure with their timeless versatility and add seductive injections of colour to eclectic individual style.

Crystal Shiny Lacquer Effects