Swarovski Spring Summer 2017 Launch Event

If you followed our facebook and instagram account yesterday you will know that yesterday was an exciting day for us at Stephen Arnold Ltd as we were invited by Swarovski to attend the launch event for the Spring Summer 2017 Innovations

Held in The Grosvner Hotel the UK Swarovski team put on an amazing display of the latest crystals, designs and inspirations and we just had to share it with you.

The focus this season is set on the trend of human desire and well being, searching for an oasis of calm and nature among the harsh demands of 21st century life.

First we started with the introduction of the new colours, Yellow Opal, Graphite and Pearlescent White. Using a number of different mediums of crystals to show the effect of the colours used in different ways.


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Dolce & Gabbana Crystal Christmas Gift

Dolce & Gabbana has created every princesses dream set of headphones!

The product name says it all ‘Napa Leather Rhinestone Headphone with Crown’. Made using Swarovski Crystals this will retail for $8,895.00 (approximately £5,750.00).

DG Crown Head Phones

DG Crown Head Phones Close Up

Why not create your own sparkling headphone with our huge range of crystals. All you need are some Flat Back Crystals, a Wax Pencil and some Glue from www.stephenarnold.co.uk