Urbania – Swarovski Innovations FW 2018

Difficult times have come and gone throughout history but now with a rapidly growing population and an ever changing society more problems are arising. It is how we deal with them and who we become that really shapes our future. Whether you are a following an edgy trend or you are a totally streetwise individual, I am sure you can relate to the new innovation from Swarovski…


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New Growing Crystals Pendants – Swarovski Innovations FW2018

The latest Designer Edition Crystals, which were envisioned by couturier Iris van Herpen, feature up to 500 hand-embedded cones to maximize light refraction. The first, entitled “Growing Crystals Rectangle”, resembles the cross section of a druse crystal in both brilliance and complexity. Like a living crystal becoming the structure seems to grow inward to fill the cavity and the pendant’s core. Van Herpen’s second compelling design, “Growing Crystal Rhombus Pendant”, recalls the naturally occurring fractured surfaces of crystal geometry.

In each instance, Van Herpen highlighted the metamorphosis of crystalline geography under the influence of time: “For beauty yet becoming.”

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New Products from Spring Summer 2017 Innovations

Drum roll please!…. Here are the new innovations from Swarovski’s Spring Summer 2017 collection. Available now from Stephen Arnold Ltd.

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2034 Cat2034 Concise Flat Back

Reducing the height of the crystal means that it also reduces the weight of the crystals. This makes the Concise Flat Back the perfect embellishment for sports wear and dance wear. Available in Light Siam AB too!

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