New Swarovski Innovations Spring Summer 2018

New Perspectives


Spring/Summer 2018

“Within the story lies the brilliance.”


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Crystal Lacquer Colours – New Effect

The new Crystal Lacquer colours resonate perfectly with the current consumer mood, where sophisticated shine meets refined sparkle. Highlighting a strong new direction for crystals, the three perfectly on-trend hues – Ivory Cream, Dark Red and Dark Grey – convey a sense of timeless authenticity in a subtle, reduced colour palette that speaks of heritage and authenticity. The three classic gem colours – Royal Red, Royal Blue and Royal Green – create a allure with their timeless versatility and add seductive injections of colour to eclectic individual style.

Crystal Shiny Lacquer Effects

Crystal Rainbow Dark – New Effect

As we enter a time of monumental shifts in the way that consumers define themselves, a younger more irreverent attitude is being incorporated into more modern, edgy glamour directions. The old rules are being thrown out, stereotypes are dead, gender and roles are no longer defined, and designs speak only of beauty.

With its transitional surface, the new effect Crystal Rainbow Dark perfectly highlights the transitioning of the new “non-gender” thought process – where products appeal equally to all – perfectly capturing the fluidity and changeability of the new consumer.

Crystal Rainbow Dark Effect

Party Spirit – Swarovski AW 2017/18 Innovations

As we enter a time of monumental shifts in how consumers define themselves, a younger, more irreverent attitude is being incorporated within modern, edgy glamour directions.

Party S 8

Taking life to the extreme and living on the edge is emulated and encompassed in rebellious design elements, offering an attitude of extreme nonchalance.

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Travel Age – Swarovski AW 2017/18 Innovations

In testament to the continued and staggering rise of “selfie” culture, the romantic direction focuses on extreme individualization.

Travel Life 4

The surge in imaginative and personality defining styling is conveyed through our fashion choices in a distinct cultural mash-up.

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