New Shimmer Effect – Swarovski Innovations FW 2018

Shimmer is elegance and vibrancy to the max! Inspired by Swarovski’s famous Aurora Borealis collection, the crystal’s special light-refracting properties cast multiple shades of a single colour for eye catching combinations that truly dazzle.


New Colour – Scarlet – Swarovski Innovations FW 2018

Swarovski presents Scarlet, its latest red-letter colour choice for truly stylish occasions. Now available throughout the product range and in myriad size and shape options for enhanced design possibilities, this is opulence embodied. Best of all, this elegant shade is environmentally responsible, containing no cadmium. (<40 ppm).


The the range of products available in Scarlet by clicking here

Party Spirit – Swarovski AW 2017/18 Innovations

As we enter a time of monumental shifts in how consumers define themselves, a younger, more irreverent attitude is being incorporated within modern, edgy glamour directions.

Party S 8

Taking life to the extreme and living on the edge is emulated and encompassed in rebellious design elements, offering an attitude of extreme nonchalance.

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Travel Age – Swarovski AW 2017/18 Innovations

In testament to the continued and staggering rise of “selfie” culture, the romantic direction focuses on extreme individualization.

Travel Life 4

The surge in imaginative and personality defining styling is conveyed through our fashion choices in a distinct cultural mash-up.

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Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2017/18

This seasons Swarovski innovations continues from last seasons inspiration of Air, Earth, Water and Fire. We’re proud to bring you “The Nature of Us” – focusing on the influence of sustainability and ethical behaviours on the crucial identity-defining  activities of eating, working, travelling.

SW AW 2017 Pic

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