Freedom – Swarovski Innovations SS 19 Wanderlust


It is what most people desire to have. Freedom to achieve anything and the freedom to say or wear whatever you feel. It is time that dreams were followed rather than just imagined. It is a current trend that people are trying to be as unique as possible. Some are daring and some are stunning. Swarovski manage to combine both and make products that really stand out from the crowd.

freedom 4

Customisation is the number one way of creating something that is truly yours. Slogans are a way to achieve this and Swarovski promote the importance that Freedom has in their new trend.

freedom 5

Using the new innovations Swarovski demonstrate how simple outfits can be enhanced to look effortlessly stylish.

freedom 6Click on the links below to find out more about each of the items and how to get hold of them to begin expressing your creativity.

  1. 5950 Fine Rocks Tube with Ending
  2. 86301 Half Hole Pavé Ball
  3. 86301 Half Hole Pave Ball Majestic Blue, 4320 Majestic Blue Fancy Stone, 4470 Majestic Blue Fancy Stone, 3252 Majestic Blue Sew-on Stone
  4. 4470 Crystal Lime Fancy Stone, 1088 Crystal Lime Round Stone
  5. 4470 Crystal Lilac Fancy Stone, 1088 Crystal Lilac Round Stone
  6. 4470 Crystal Buttercup Fancy Stone, 1088 Crystal Buttercup Flat Back

Swarovski Freedom Trend Flag

freedom trend

freedom items



Elegantia – Swarovski Innovations FW 2018

Many people say that the early half of the 20th century saw the most elegant fashion pieces arrive on the scene. With the 1930’s being the showcase of short hairstyles and gorgeous gowns we are now seeing the revival of these trends. Old turns to new with the innovation from Swarovski…  elegantia header

We are very happy to announce this new collection of gorgeous crystals from Swarovski. With beautiful colours that can be used on many types of clothing you can add a stunning classic twist to your garment. Continue reading “Elegantia – Swarovski Innovations FW 2018”

Nostalgia – Swarovski Innovations FW 2018

The world is a busy place. We feel like time is flying past at too fast of a rate. We rarely have time to appreciate the finer things in life. Maybe it is time to take a step back and enjoy the beautiful view. This is where we welcome you to the new exquisite collection from Swarovski…


There is not much out there more tranquil than the sights and sounds of the sea. Sitting on the beach while observing the tides is one of those activities that really helps you to unwind. The neutral colours contained within this new collection emit a great sense of calm and relaxation. This selection of stunning new crystals from Swarovski feel luxurious as well as being easy to implement into many designs.

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Funtasia – Swarovski Innovations FW 2018

At a time when gloomy days are upon us, we can seek inspiration from fun and bold colours. We can create stunning designs using brand new innovative items. We can add even more edgy dimensions to our brilliant nail art. Welcome to one of the new innovations from Swarovski…      Untitled

We are excited to announce this new collection of stunning products. They may seem out of the ordinary and a bit eccentric but they are sure to become the integral part of your stunning designs.

As it is Halloween season why not create stunning unique masks using the fantastic innovative Eye Fancy Stone?

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Crystal Lacquer Colours – New Effect

The new Crystal Lacquer colours resonate perfectly with the current consumer mood, where sophisticated shine meets refined sparkle. Highlighting a strong new direction for crystals, the three perfectly on-trend hues – Ivory Cream, Dark Red and Dark Grey – convey a sense of timeless authenticity in a subtle, reduced colour palette that speaks of heritage and authenticity. The three classic gem colours – Royal Red, Royal Blue and Royal Green – create a allure with their timeless versatility and add seductive injections of colour to eclectic individual style.

Crystal Shiny Lacquer Effects

Party Spirit – Swarovski AW 2017/18 Innovations

As we enter a time of monumental shifts in how consumers define themselves, a younger, more irreverent attitude is being incorporated within modern, edgy glamour directions.

Party S 8

Taking life to the extreme and living on the edge is emulated and encompassed in rebellious design elements, offering an attitude of extreme nonchalance.

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